Why do we play?

You might ask yourself why do we need a page dedicated to “Why do we play”. This is an augmented reality game from Google, we play because it’s a game, right?

While the strategy of this game can be very complex, the core play is very simple. Turn portals green, link them, make fields, hack them for supplies.  This can get very repetitive along the journey to level 8, and there is even less motivation after reaching the level cap.

So why does this game have such a large following? It stems from the community that has been born around this game which enhances the enjoyment of playing. Strategy and working together as a team is a cornerstone of this game, and playing with a large group of people makes all the difference.

We’re lucky in this area to have a great group of people on both sides of the game. There is a very open play environment where people can go out and have fun without worrying about someone ruining the game for them. Due to the safe environment we like to nurture in the area many parents are having their kids come out to play with them creating a fun family activity.

So if you wonder what keeps us going in this game you don’t have to look farther than the Operations Reports section of this website.