Code Of Conduct

Welcome to Triangle Enlightened Ingress! We have worked hard to create a great group of agents who enjoy spending time together both in and out of the game.

We have a dynamic community of agents who regularly get together to share supplies, capture and link portals, and generally coordinate our actions. We share fellowship through meals, meetups, events, and instant messaging. Participation with our group will enable you to gain levels faster. We benefit when you participate.

If you don’t want to collaborate, no problem! We still look forward to seeing your activity across the Triangle and hope you will be able to join with us in the future.

We are a friendly group of good people and abide by the Code of Conduct below. We have written them as a way to help us keep our community of agents playing with the same set of shared values.

By joining with us you are expected to abide by our code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  • I will only play with one account.
  • I will only use my account and will not play for others.
  • I will report my true position and not use any tool that would decrease the accuracy of my position (no spoofing).
  • I will support my team by not collaborating with the enemy (no boosting, sharing information on planned activities,  personal information about fellow agents, etc.).
  • I will be respectful of others (this includes Resistance agents).
  • I will be sensitive to other players by using language and humor appropriate for a wide range of agents (we have families that play with kids).

Our code may overlap with the Ingress Terms of Service and Ingress Community Guidelines. In the event of an overlap, our Code of Conduct is the effective one for inclusion in our group.

Expected Responses for Code of Conduct Violations

As the Triangle Enlightened are an unofficial group and not sponsored by Niantic, we are unable to remove agents from the game.

Your participation with us is optional. Our participation with you is also optional.

Under normal circumstances the response to Code of Conduct violations will proceed along the following ‘three strikes you are out’ policy. We reserve the right to immediately enact full removal from Triangle Enlightened content for egregious violations.

  • Warning – You will publicly be warned.  Other players will be notified on what you did and why it’s not appropriate.  This is typically not a formal process but a can be as simple as “Hey we’ve got kids in here, please watch your language.”
  • Temporary Banishment – You will be suspended from all communication with us for one week along with an announcement on what caused the ban.
  • Shun – You will be removed from all Triangle Enlightened communications and any future Triangle Enlightened accessible material.