Operation Cell Coverage

 The Mission

Cover AM02-LIMA-06 with a giant multi-layered field and bring the opportunity for Enlightenment to all.

"...the real hero is the loony who believes this is possible and then wills it to happen."  -Robdalf

“…the real hero is the loony who believes this is possible and then wills it to happen.”  -Robdalf

The Team

Intel and Ops

TheHoneyBadger – The man with the plan

BadAsh – Operator

Rattrap – Intel


Anchor Teams

VirtKitty, Furtive – Northeast Anchor

SR71Habu, Dementous – Southeast Anchor

Supergnaw – Southwest Anchor

TheHoneyBadger, TheScatMan – Northwest Anchor


Link Clearing Teams

ChuckN007 – East

YetiNC – South

JadeConductrix, Silvertongued – West (PBO)

Woonz, b4Monkey – West (Burlington)

Wormy, KimmieJoJo – Morrisville

GeneralGreene, TacticTal – Brier Creek

Robdalf – Wake Forest

JammerJoe, BlueFusion – Falls Lake


Special Help

sortova, scubagirlab – Key farming

0000Flip0000 – Military base portal takedown

willcoje – Portal takedown



The ResultFieldMuTotals

136 Portals Captured

983 Resonators Destroyed

683 Resonators Deployed

62 Links Destroyed

55 Links Created


7.76 Million MU



 PreOps – sortova and scubagirlab start farming keys to make the mission possible.

 3:00PM – Rattrap and BadAsh start scanning the map looking for blocking links that will need to be addressed later in the night.

 9:00PM – Twelve Agents Meetup at Panera in Brier Creek to exchange portal keys. Many of them have already driven over an hour to get there.  They are already tired, and need to make the same trip back from where they came.

9:30PM – After fellowship and a mission briefing by TheHoneyBadger, the teams are assigned their roles and embark on their mission.

9:45PM – BadAsh establishes operations HQ at the memorial site of the “Snake Eyes” portal.

10:00PM – Blocking link take-down orders are assigned to the in field agents as they proceed to their assigned areas.

10:15PM – Wormy and KimmieJoJo encounter fierce resistance from resistance agent RealReady in Morrisville.  BadAsh eventually relocated GeneralGreene and TacticTal to assist in keeping this unruly smurf from replacing blocking links and fields.

11:50PM – Another group of Enlightened start work on a field, which was hoped to link Elon University to Mebane to Pittsboro.  They throw their links from Elon to Mebane.  We’ve now got a blocker preventing us from finishing our field.  Woonz and b4monkey are dispatched and ADA their links.  (Sorry about screwing up your field.)

12:30PM – JammerJoe and BlueFusion13 encounter resistance from resistance agent KN0WL3DG3 who keeps throwing the same links back over the link path.  They eventually tire him out enough for him to retreat.

12:45AM –  YetiNC continues to spar with resistance agent JoeXray in Newton Grove, capturing some of the same portals three times.  Eventually his bravery accomplishes the goal of having a free west to east link path.

1:06 AM – Robdalf is dispatched to deal with more links thrown by resistance agent KN0WL3DG3.  He kills the last link at 1:24AM.

1:27AM – VirtKitty fires the single diagonal link across our cell, forming two triangles.  Two fields go up.   All of AM02-LIMA-06 is now enjoying green skies.

1:28AM-1:44AM – A carefully crafted sequence of links is made.  Establishing a dark green field, so thick you can’t see the roads below on your scanner

1:45AM-?? – Battle weary, tired, and jubilant our brave agents celebrate the day when all the Citizens of AM02-LIMA-06 were able to enjoy the gift of green skies overhead.