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June 22nd, 2013 – Operation: Kudzu

Kudzu is a vine originating from Southeast Asia that was introduced into the North America to prevent soil erosion. Now considered a nuisance by the United States Department of Agriculture, it currently grows at a rate of 150,000 acres annually. It has a nickname: “The vine that ate the South”.

Operation Kudzu Mission Team

On June 22nd, noname4444 rented a 15 passenger van, in which 13 enlightened L8 agents climbed in for a ride that shouldn’t be soon forgotten. Snacks, drinks (including hint water), awesome music courtesy of Buglermcd, and laughter galore was to be had, and so it began.

Inside Van

View From Inside

The trip started in the Brier Creek area in Northwest Raleigh, made its way through RDU Airport, around Morrisville, through the western part of Cary, down to Apex, up towards North Carolina State University, through Downtown Raleigh, and finally up towards North Raleigh before heading back to the initial meeting location.

Our presence did not go unnoticed. Furtivecoda, while unable to respond to our destruction of her handywork in Apex, saw what we were doing and held some conversation in all comms. In addition, TehMoustache actually came out and saw the war wagon for himself. Quote of the night: “You guys have a church van?” “You mean you don’t?”


Halfway Complete

Once the van made its way back to base (with an amazing sing-along of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody), there was already talk of a Round 2. A fair amount of the agents already on-board were unable to go much longer (some had long drives home, some had work in the morning, and I myself was just plain wiped out), however some more agents were employed for a second shift and made their way north to Durham to raise more hell.

Throughout the night a significant number of L8 portals were made (141 to be exact), and much like kudzu, it spre
Agents involved (if I forgot you, let me know):ad quickly and will be a major nuisance for the smurfs. The operation was a full-on success, and surely there will be more to come.


A video of the action:

Belisario93, signing out.


Mission Duration: 8 Hours (5PM-2AM)

Items Consumed

  • Two Large Bags Beef Jerky
  • One Large Bag Red Licorice
  • 24 Soft Drinks
  • 12 Bottles Hint Water
  • 1 Bag Doritos
  • 1 Package Oreos

Approximate Route Map