May 16, 2013 – History made in Downtown Apex

Tasty Shaper Fuel!

Tasty Shaper Fuel!

May 16th, 2013, will forever be remembered as the day when the citizens of Apex, NC ended their long winter of suffering under Resistance control and discovered level eight Enlightened beacons of hope, opportunity and a better way of life.

Below is the chronology of this incredibly complex tactical operation and highlights the bravery, stamina, and compassion commonly found in Enlightened agents.

19:00  – Enlightened agents meet at Panera, at Brier creek to ensure that strict nutritional requirements were met.    It became obvious during the meal that these agents are not just fighting for their side, but are part of a larger Enlightened family.  Together they fight for all those who have not yet felt the joy of living under green skies.

19:30 – Refreshed and recharged, under cover of dusk, the agent convoy stealthily  transits to Brier Creek Memorial Gardens.  Their goal is to create high level portals for the continued betterment of the Triangle.

The original BCC portal

Agents pay respects

19:33 – Arrival at Brier Creek Memorial Gardens.   The creation of a level eight beacon of hope, is cause for much much rejoicing, singing, and merry making.  Spirits were high as the brave agents built not one, but six level eight portals.   The exuberant agents methodically collected the stockpiles of supplies needed to help those suffering under Resistance control.

The original BCC portal

The original BCC portal

20:30 – Departure from Memorial Gardens.  Now supplied enough to help small pockets of citizens escape from under Resistance control,   Many of them thoughtfully asked, “What if we had even more supplies?”

Large BCC Group

“We would be able to help so many more who suffer the daily pain of living near a Resistance portal.” Having exhausted the resources available at this location and knowing that a large storehouse of gear would allow them to respond when needed, they headed to Cary, NC.

20:50 – Arrival in Cary, NC.  The citizens of Cary have a desire to live a peaceful life under a green sky, sadly this is not always possible for them.  They frequently are faced with bouts of blue preventing them from enjoying life as it should be.  Painfully aware of this fact, they headed to the Cary Town Hall complex, hoping to continue building level eight Enlightened beacons.

With no visible Resistance in sight, most likely scared away at the sight of these warriors,  the Town Hall which was controlled by resistance, quickly changed to a satisfying soothing green.  Even with the late arrival of apocaloptimist, a lone Resistance agent, the agents were now fully armed.  Many were armed to capacity and struggling to carry the vast quantities of gear they had collected.

An example of the L8 portal goodies

22:02 – Plans to Liberate Apex, NC, Initiated   Earlier in the week agent BadAsh experienced great success bringing a taste of enlightenment to the suffering people of Apex, NC.  During open discussion, despite many agents being tired and battle weary, an incredibly compassionate idea was voiced.   The people of Apex deserve to be enlightened.

After more consideration to the horrible suffering that was going on in Apex, we decided that the best way we could help was to build the very first level eight portals as a beacon of hope to encourage and embolden the citizens of Apex to rise up against the influence of the Resistance.

This would be the FIRST time citizens of Apex, had the opportunity to view the marvels of a level eight portal.  The agents were amazingly excited about the hope they were going to bring.  These eight brave souls descended on Apex hoping to turn it into an Enlightened level eight stronghold.

22:20 – The agents arrived in Apex and immediately started erasing the resistance presence and erecting level eight portals.    As they were walking down the street diligently working a feared Resistance agent, furtivecoda, appears out of nowhere and begins blasting away.   Thus began a game of cat and mouse as the hard work by the Enlightened was partially destroyed and rebuilt numerous times.  In the end the Enlightened team was able to collect four servings of resources from most of the portals along N Salem Street.    Overall the agents were pleased to have given Apex citizens a taste of what a good life could be like.

After the fierce battle a local patron at a nearby watering hole agreed to take a photo of the heros that had brought her so much hope and joy.  Her eyes were beginning to open, and they were seeing a green future.

The photo at the end of this report documents this historic, momentous occasion.  Everyone was filled with joy but there was a strange sense of foreboding for an unknown reason…  (click on this photo to view it full size for full effect)

When agent futivecoda was asked if she was glad everyone came out to her town she replied “No, not really.   I was in the middle of watching Dr. Who.”   But despite being busy even she came out to admire and look with awe and wonder at the sight of level eight Enlightened portals.

Being escorted away

Escorted away “for our safety”

The night ended with agent furtivecoda escorting the enlightened agents back to their cars.   We were told this was for “our safety”, but agents openly doubted that was the true reason.

Before departing multiple Enlightened agents declared this “The best trip ever!”  and vowed to return to help free the people of Apex, NC.


22:30 – Multiple agents return to where the night began.  Four hours after leaving Brier Creek Memorial Gardens, many agents returned.  Their desire was to rebuild their stockpiles.  For they know we face a formidable foe, but with the support of our Enlightened Family of agents, we WILL help the citizens of the Triangle Area become Enlightened…. Triangle Enlightened…

The eight agents involved in the first Apex L8 farm

The eight agents involved in the first Apex L8 farm