The State of NC State # 3 (4/21-4/27)


Woohoo! It’s time for another State of NC State!


I got the powah!

  • leafstorm – L3 on 4/22 – congrats man! Now your bursters are actually useful!
  • mezmer – L8 on 4/25 – Eight, eight, eight is great! Hooray!
  • Hakino134 – L5 on 4/26 – Told you it wouldn’t be long before you hit 5!

Other Happenings

  • Over the past week campus has been pretty green, however last night (4/26)  a smurf or two came through and flipped the portals near the brickyard. Go get that AP!
  • There have been reports of new Resistance players showing up on campus. Who knows, we may have some more blue competition sometime soon!
  • It seems they are not done throwing new portals onto campus yet. Stay on the lookout for grey!
  • Reading days are upon us, which means lots of studying for exams. Don’t forget to take the occasional break though! Ingress is a great way to settle down for an hour or so, to get your legs some exercise and your brain something different to chew on.