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The State of NC State # 3 (4/21-4/27)


Woohoo! It’s time for another State of NC State!


I got the powah!

  • leafstorm – L3 on 4/22 – congrats man! Now your bursters are actually useful!
  • mezmer – L8 on 4/25 – Eight, eight, eight is great! Hooray!
  • Hakino134 – L5 on 4/26 – Told you it wouldn’t be long before you hit 5!

Other Happenings

  • Over the past week campus has been pretty green, however last night (4/26)  a smurf or two came through and flipped the portals near the brickyard. Go get that AP!
  • There have been reports of new Resistance players showing up on campus. Who knows, we may have some more blue competition sometime soon!
  • It seems they are not done throwing new portals onto campus yet. Stay on the lookout for grey!
  • Reading days are upon us, which means lots of studying for exams. Don’t forget to take the occasional break though! Ingress is a great way to settle down for an hour or so, to get your legs some exercise and your brain something different to chew on.

The State of NC State #2 (4/12-4/20)

state-of-stateIt’s that time of week again! And you thought I wasn’t serious when I said weekly (even if a bit late)!


Lots of new level 5 players this week!

  • Madpuppeteer – Level 5 on 4/12 – Good work man!
  • dss – level 5 on 4/14 – Great day to hit L5!
  • leafstorm – Level 2 on 4/15 – First ding of many to come!
  • Frozenyogurt – Level 5 on 4/15 – Enjoy the new bursters, and thanks for knocking down that blue field!

Big Event Special!

On the 14th there was an XM anomaly that required Bell Tower and Zipcar to be linked together to fully harness the energy (or something, I forgot the actual story behind it). Basically it was a game of capture the flag, where the two portals had to be linked together in order to win. Players from around the triangle gathered to participate in this event.

The game start was delayed by 30 minutes to accommodate some organization issues. Once the game started, it didn’t take long for a small group of level 7 and 8 players on bikes to reach the Bell Tower. After a few bursters were fired and resonators deployed, mezmer beat me (belisario93) to making the game winning link before the game was even 3 minutes in (much to the smurfs’ dismay).

2013-04-14 14.33.35

Because of how quickly this objective was reached, the organizers of the event ruled that the secondary objective be played, where the faction with the most portals at game end wins. The surprising 2:1 advantage that the enlightened had for the day became very handy and ultimately it was the frogs that came on top!

We hope to have another event like this one day, with better organization and a better resistance from the resistance!

Photo credits to kmbauer

Photo credits to kmbauer

The State of NC State #1 (4/4-4/11)


Welcome to the first edition of The State of NC State! This will be a weekly recap of the various Ingress shenanigans that occur on the NCSU campus.


First topic to cover: Dings! We had some very powerful bells ringing in this edition (in one case quite literally), so let’s get down to business!

  • Hakino134 – Level 4 on 4/4 – Congrats! Keep pushing, you’ll be level 5 in no time!
  • JamesRustle – Level 7 on 4/4- The third active campus player to hit level 7!
  • billthebutcher – Level 7 on 4/7 – Did it out of town, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome!
  • mezmer – Level 7 on 4/11 – First active female level 7! And mostly on campus wi-fi! Now that takes some patience…
  • belisario93 – Level 8 on 4/11 – I added some symbolism by hitting level 8, ringing the bell north of the capitol block, and then throwing a level 8 resonator on the portal nearby.


Campus event on Sunday the 14th

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, there is going to be a large-scale Ingress event on campus at 2:00 on the 14th. This is huge! If you’re enlightened, please make it a point to come out! More information available in this Google+ group.

Other Cool Stuff


Check out this awesome artwork done in the tunnel by an unknown artist. Hopefully there will be more to come!

Enlighten Raleigh 4/6/2013

Last Saturday the Capitol block saw green, and lots of it. Despite not going quite as planned, the night was a success and fun was had by all.

The festivities began with a meeting at a local coffee shop. Stories were exchanged, faces put to names, and supplies distributed. Oh, and cupcakes. It was Qtell2000’s birthday so some extremely delicious cupcakes were made.


Anyways, soon noname4444 explained the plans, in which the other group of people in the room must have been very confused by talk of “taking over the capitol” and “smurfs”. Then we all headed out towards the capitol block for a linkfest, quickly followed by Level 8 portals.

Of course when level 8 portals go up, opponents quickly flood into the area. OriginalViking made it to the scene first, however he caught on to our trap and only destroyed about half of the block before leaving (and presumably calling off his blue buddies with the white hats). GrrArgh, another resistance player, came by to enjoy the wonderful weather and the portals, but also unfortunately left it green. It wasn’t until just about everyone had left when finally some resistance players came down to break it all up.


Contests were also held that evening. noname held an overall AP gain contest for Level 1-6 players, of which prizes were a $15 amazon card and a little lego frog (1st place got to choose, 2nd got the other). The first place winner was Chuubastis with 52246 AP, and second place went to morlog with 19735. Another contest, held by BadAsh, was for all children 13 and under. A large bag of candy was divided among the young players by weight based on AP gain. Their poor dentists, though…

As with any other meetup, it eventually came to a close. Everyone went back home to enjoy a good night’s rest, bringing with them more gear and the satisfaction of being enlightened. The place was “hopping”, and here’s to hoping we can do it again soon!